The overwhelming number of traders fail to meet their earnings expectations in the stock and crypto markets. It only takes a few bad stock picks and poor crypto trades to cause a trader to throw up their arms in defeat, assuming trading is a losing battle.

At the same time, though, social media is being flooded with images of traders rocking their trades. You’re seeing nothing but red while others are swimming in green. So, what’s the problem? What’s the difference between a successful trader and everyone else?


BeforeTheTrade Algorithm Alerts & Signals


Buy/Sell Signals on each commodity on each timeframe!

Send signals from Tradingview to your email, sms, and apps!

RSI alerts for oversold/overbought situations!

Keep up-to date with high volume trades and signals!



The key to any successful investment strategy is timeliness. Assets are always moving up and down no matter the long-term trend. With our finance daily alerts, you can catch stocks and cryptocurrencies at the right time to maximize your profits. We’ve developed a highly capable and effective stock market algorithm tradingview indicator that alerts traders when to invest in a certain commodity. 


The stock and crypto markets are wild animals. There’s no way to predict what will happen. Too many investors based their
trades on unfounded assumptions. This can make trading feel more like a guessing game or a Vegas casino game where chance is the only constant. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make money in the market. It’s possible to reach your financial goals by trading stocks and crypto. There are strategies you can use to optimize your earnings and minimize your losses below!


At Josh’s Finance, we provide investors with all the tools and resources they need to find success in the stock and crypto markets. Whether your goal is to grow your wealth or generate a side income, we’ll equip you with everything you need to reach your goals below!



Indicator Package
  • Access To Over 2,500+ Other Investors On Discord!
  • Stocks, Stock options, Technical Analysis and More!
  • Get Access to Buy/Sell Signals and Alerts via Tradingview!
  • Stock Market & Cryptocurrency Investing Live Trading Classes Weekly!
  • Finds Support/Resistance, Auto-Fibonacci, RSI, Signals and More!
  • Get access to all content posted from Josh’s Finance and his team!
  • Access to Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Indicator!
  • Access to Future Trading Indicator Being Built and Created Monthly!
  • Access to Books and Material To Help You Learn Technical Analysis, Day Trading, Swing Trading And More!
  • Daily Penny Stock Watchlist Posted Daily!
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How Can BeforeTheTrade Group Help You?

We’re dedicated to providing you with trusted calls and alerts that will maximize the profits you never thought would be possible. We have a wide network of resources available to us that have profited substantially by utilizing a strategy that we can impart to you. We are dedicated to helping you not only learn about Stocks, Volume Trading, and Swing trading every day but also apply it as a stable passive income and generate profits. Our number of educational resources includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis, basic concepts, and a secret formula that has not yet been disclosed to the public. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions along with their answers.


Analyst Alerts

Our highly skilled team of analysts will alert you to daily Stocks and Cryptocurrency picks that have a chance of yielding high returns with clear trade recommendations. The Tradingview algorithm works off of different indications to trigger buys or sells on each commodity.

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Quality Education

We Strategize Off The Recent Events, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis Before We Make Decisions Into Our Plays. The Trading Algorithm Is Built Off Of Signals That Perform The Best! Our Tradingview indicator is easy to use, accurate, and one-of-a-kind.

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Resources And Indicators

We provide 2 Trading Algorithms; Buy & Sell Indicator Then We Have Our 2nd Indicator Which Does TP/SL Implementation for Long & Short Positions. Trading Books and Educational Resources Posted Daily!


Alerts Package
  • Premium Access To Discord With Over 2,750 Members!
  • Alerts Posted Daily In Stocks, Stocks Options, Cryptocurrrency, Cryptocurrency Futures
  • Access to Trading Account Challenges (1-10K Challenge & 10-100k Challenge)
  • Trading and Technical Education Resources Posted Daily
  • Cryptocurrency and Stock Market Watchlist Posted Weekly To Email
  • Track and Watch Whale Activity & Dark Pool Interest in Stocks & Cryptos Daily
  • Access To Cryptocurrency Bots On Discord Available for Technical Analysis
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Q. Will I receive Tradingview BUY/SELL indicator with purchase of Tier 2?

Yes, you’ll receive the Tradingview indicator & Crypto Futures Trading Indicator that lets you know on your Tradingview account if the indicators suggest a buy or sell alert.

Q. Do you only trade Cryptocurrencies on the Discord?

No, we trade Stock Market and Cryptocurrencies daily. We trade Stock Market Options/Shares and Cryptocurrency.

Q. Do you do any Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Challenges?

Yes, we do challenge such as 1-10K challenge and 10-100K challenge with our own group of members!

Q: Do you need Paid Trading view account to use your Trading view Indicator?

You can use the Josh’s Finance Indicators with a free Tradingview account, keep in mind that with a free account you can only set up one live alert and have only 3 indicators on your chart at one time. But yes, using only this indicator works on the free version of Tradingview.

Q: What happens when I purchased and have not received Discord access or Tradingview Indicator access?

Please contact support at [email protected] for further assistance!