Polaris Industries, Maker of Indian Motorcycle, Moving Some Production to Poland

Arthur J. Villasanta – Fourth Estate Contributor

Roseau, MN, United States (4E) – Polaris Industries, the company that manufactures the only other Made in USA road bikes apart from Harley-Davidson, said it plans to move some of its production to Europe for the same reason as Harley — to avoid huge losses resulting from Trump’s trade war with the European Union (EU).

Polaris on June 30 announced a move of some of the production facilities for its iconic “Indian Motorcycle” to Poland. It said it’s being forced to take this step to avoid retaliatory and punishing EU tariffs on its motorcycles imported into EU member states.

Polaris’ announcement came only five days after Harley said it will shift some of its motorcycle production operations to the EU for the same reason. Harley said the new EU tariffs will add some $2,200 per average to the price of their motorcycles exported from the U.S. to the EU.

Polaris Industries said it might move some production of its Indian Motorcycle from northwest Iowa to Poland, admitted spokeswoman Jess Rogers. “Nothing is definitive,” she said. “We’re looking at a range of mitigation plans.”

In April, Polaris projected around $15 million in additional costs in 2018. Rogers said the EU’s latest tariffs will raise costs further, but not indicating by how much. “But we’re definitely seeing an increase in costs,” she said.

Widely regarded as “America’s First Motorcycle Company,” Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company was originally established in 1901 as the Hendee Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Indian Motorcycle brand was introduced in 1901. Indian was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world in the 1910s.]

The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company went bankrupt in 1953, went through several new owners, and in 2011 was acquired by Polaris Industries based in Roseau, Minnesota.

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