Congress Commits Funding to Organize a US Space Corps

Arthur J. Villasanta - Fourth Estate Contributor

Washington, Dc, United States (4E) - The U.S. Congress' notion of forming another armed service branch, which it likes to call a "Space Corps," is an idea that looks good on paper -- and the Pentagon wants it to remain there.

Congress, however, is again pushing for the creation of this new service branch by approving a version of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that includes funding for a Space Corps whose mission will be to engage in combat in outer space.

Outer space is defined as the void surrounding the Earth and between celestial bodies such as the Moon.

The Space Corps envisioned by Congress will absorb many of the missions currently handled by the U.S. Air Force and its Space Command.

Back in April, Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican congressman from Alabama and chairman of the House Armed Services Strategic Forces subcommittee, said he envisions a "separate Space Force within the Department of Defense, just like the Air Force, which had to be separated from the Army in order to be prioritized and become a world-class military service."

"Simply put, space must be a priority and it can't be one if you jump out of bed in the morning thinking about fighters and bombers first."

The Air Force and the Pentagon, however, remain lukewarm to the idea of a Space Force, arguing instead that what the country needs is more lethality, and not bureaucracy, in the words of Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson.

Wilson and Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein believe a separate Space Corps will be bureaucratic bloat and might spark interdepartmental turf wars.

Rogers, however, remains resolute in championing the idea of a Space Corps. He described the Space Corps as a "critical step to fixing the National Security Space enterprise."

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